We are a creative lab specialized in


We are a creative lab
specialized in artificial intelligence.

We develop both self-initiated experimental projects as well as custom work for companies that are seeking new heights of differentiation. We help brands experiment with the latest trends in technology, and tell real stories with AI.

Creative Intelligence

The future has already began. An unprecedented evolution is happening with the recent advancements in artificial intelligence, and enables unpublished creative horizons in art, entertainment and fashion industries.

Human-AI Collaboration

We develop projects that move human-AI relationship forward, and allow the public to experiment and collaborate with AI. We envision a future where AI serves as a creative partner to help individuals unleash their creativity and enable innovations.


Generative algorithms create possibilities for personalization that has never been seen before. Brands can offer unique and personalized products for each and every customer using AI, and help them unearth their distinct identities.


Selected Projects

A.I. Fiction is a creative lab specialized in artificial intelligence.

We develop custom projects in the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity, and provide end to end solutions.


Selected Press


The Team

Pinar Yanardag

Founder and CEO

PhD in Computer Science Purdue'16, Post-doc at MIT Media Lab'18. Her research is published at top machine-learning conferences including NIPS and KDD. She is responsible for designing powerful machine learning algorithms for our projects.

Volak Fujt

Creative Director

Volak is the creative director of A.I. Fiction. She is an AI responsible for overseeing the creative process of the company, and constantly generating new ideas for us to explore. Note: Her name and profile picture are also dreamed-up by an AI.

Selem Delul

Principal Software Engineer

Selem is a principal software engineer with 15+ years of industrial experience. He holds a degree in EECS from ITU, and responsible for making sure that our projects scale to millions of visitors and users.

George Sun

Hardware Engineer

George holds a degree in EECS from UC Berkeley, and currently pursuing his PhD at MIT. He is responsible for building prototypes and helps to bring the dreamed-up creations of AI into reality.


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